About the place

The biggest functioning Sant Mat or Surat Shabd Yoga center in Europe,   where so much spiritual practice has been done over the last thirty-four years, consequently the atmosphere is very special, very peaceful, very relaxing, very silent, we could say very holy.

Many people who visited this place say that “it is enough to just be here and breathe the air in order to feel good”.

The Ashram was founded in 1979 by Master Sirio who used to be the first Europian representative of Sant Ajaib Singh from 1977 to 1997 until the death of Sant Ajaib. Since its foundation many spiritual retreats have been organized in the Ashram, and keep being organized every year.

The Sant Bani Ashram in Ribolla was also the location of three big European spiritual programs of Sant Ajaib Singh: in 1980, 1984 and 1989 with the participation of several hundred people.

Since its foundation lots of work was done in the Ashram so by now it really became a modern and well-equipped place, beside being an isolated and very peacful sanctuary in the nature. There is piped (drinking) water, electricity, solar panel system, an artificial lake for watering, internet (wi-fi) connection, four main buildings: separated man and woman dormitory with several independent bathrooms, meditation hall (indoor and outdoor as well).

The Ashram is run by the nonprofit Sant Bani Ashram Association that is also functioning as a publisher (S.B.A.Books) for Sant Mat related spiritual literature. The Association also has a small spiritual library (Italian and English language literature) that tries to offer a wide range of view on spirituality as much as possible.

All spiritual programs that are organized here are for free for all attendants, the only fee that occurs is the personal cost of staying there (such as accomodation and three times daily vegetarian meals). (The average minimum price of this is app 20 euro/person/day, which amount is calculated to cover the using of electricity, water, plus getting full supplement.)

Donations are accepted for the maintaining and improving of the Ashram.

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Podere Val di Vite
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